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(Four Twenty) 4/20

April 20


April 20th: 420!

According to the legend.. Once upon a time, in the early 1970s, in San Rafael, California, a group of high school friends known as the “Waldos” set out on an adventure that would eventually give birth to a worldwide celebration known as 4/20.

It all began when the Waldos heard a rumor about an abandoned cannabis crop near Point Reyes Peninsula Coast Guard station. Determined to find this mythical stash, they agreed to meet at the Louis Pasteur statue outside their school at 4:20 p.m. Armed with a treasure map drawn by one of the friends, they embarked on their quest after school, marking the beginning of an enduring tradition.

Although they never found the hidden treasure, the ritual of meeting at 4:20 p.m. stuck with the Waldos. As they continued to gather at the designated time, “420” became their code word for smoking cannabis. Soon, it became a part of their everyday language, used discreetly to discuss their plans without alerting authority figures.

The term spread beyond the confines of their high school, gaining popularity among cannabis enthusiasts in the surrounding area. Eventually, it made its way into broader counterculture circles and became synonymous with the act of smoking cannabis.

As the years passed, the legend of 4/20 continued to grow. It evolved from a simple code between friends to an international day of celebration for cannabis enthusiasts around the world. On April 20th each year, people gather to honor the plant, advocate for its legalization, and enjoy its myriad benefits.

And so, the origins of 4/20 are rooted in the camaraderie and adventurous spirit of a group of high school friends who set out on a quest for hidden treasure and inadvertently sparked a global movement of cannabis culture and advocacy.


April 20
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