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Million Marijuana March

May 6

On a vibrant May 6th in 1999, in cities across the globe, cannabis enthusiasts and advocates gathered for the first ‘Million Marijuana March’ also known Global Marijuana March (GMM), a colorful celebration of unity and advocacy.

Over the years spreading to more than 1034 different cities in 85 nations around the globe. People from all walks of life come together, In bustling streets and serene parks, sharing their stories, dreams, and aspirations for a world where cannabis was embraced and legalized. From seasoned activists to curious newcomers, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement and hope.

Waving flags adorned with cannabis leaves and chanted slogans calling for change. Families walking hand in hand, students carrying handmade banners, and entrepreneurs showcasing their innovative products, all united by their shared passion for cannabis reform.

Along the route, activists set up information booths, offering resources on responsible consumption, medicinal benefits, and legal advocacy. Volunteers hand out flyers, engaging passersby in conversation, and spark discussions about the importance of ending cannabis prohibition.

At the march’s culmination, participants gather in a central square/public area, forming a vibrant tapestry of colors, cultures, and beliefs. Speakers taking to the stage, sharing stories of perseverance, resilience, and the transformative power of cannabis in their lives. And where occasionally politicians and community leaders pledge their support for legalization, vowing to champion the cause in legislative halls and public forums.


May 6
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