CannaSwiss Cup 2023/24

The awards ceremony of the CannaSwissCup 2023/24 took place May 24-26 in Zurich

TheWinners are:

Indoor Strains

1st place: CR Performance GmbH – Stella Alpina

2nd place: Medi Grow GmbH – Cali Grapes

3rd place: Global Trust Agriculture SA – Gorilla Mandarine

Greenhouse Strains

1st place: Slow Farm SA – Limoncello

2nd place: BudSpensary – Strawberry Cheese Cake

3rd place: Slow Farm SA – Durban Poison

Outdoor Strains

1st place: Slow Farm SA – Candy Kush

2nd place: Cannalpina Walliser – Rambo

3rd place: BudSpensary – Limoncello


1st place: Biosativa GmbH – Ketama Gold

2nd place: Lamaweed / Schänzlihof Trichoselect E – Dark Gold

3rd place: Biosativa GmbH – Beldia Cream