News 03-01-2005!

Untill April 2005, the Cannabis Cup Winners team donates 25% of every sale to the victims of the earthquake in Asia, via GIRO 555. (the collective of help organisations in the Netherlands). The Cannabis Cup Winners Team.

News 17-12-2004

Finally, The photo album is live! Look at some nice pictures from the High Life Cup, The High Times Cannabis Cup 2003 & 2004, Tokers Bowl and other great shots of cannabis/ marijuana, coffee shops throughout Amsterdam and Cup Winners. Have fun browsing our photo collection… The Cannabis Cup Winners Read more…

News 03-12-2004!

Take a moment to read (and sign) the guestbook, and see the commets of ‘The Nose’, Eagle Bill (the ‘godfather’ of vaporizing), Alan from Sensi Seeds, Soma from Soma Seeds, Laurance Cherniak (writer of ‘The great book of hasish), and many others… The Cannabis Cup Winners Team.