4202005 420 IC Growers Cup results

Glass Winner – Sweet Leaf Glass (Rueben)

Coffeeshop Winner – The Grey Area

Product Winner – The Bastard Brewer

(Hemp Wines)

Personality Of The Year – The Cannabis Poet, Lee Bridges (Postumously)

These are the results of the 2005 IC420 Growers Cup



1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize



  Reeferman for
King’s Kross
B.C. Bud Depot for
Brent’s Bubble (God Bud)
Soma for
Big’s A’s Special
Indica Breeder   Mosca Negra for
Max Grow for
Bahia Black Head
JLP for
Grape Krush
Sativa Breeder   Jimmynitz for
ECSD (East Coast Sour Diesel)
Smokeypufmaster for
ECSD (East Coast Sour Diesel)
HOG for
Jack’s Cleaner Bx1
Indica Grower
  DNA Genetics for
L.A. Confidential
Homegrown Fantaseeds for
Paradise Seeds for
Sensi Star
Sativa Grower
  Soma for
Amnesia Haze
DNA Genetics for
Cannalope Haze
Reservoir Seeds/Rezdog for
ECSD (East Coast Sour Diesel)


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