THC Expose
THC Expose Magazine presents many events through out the year. Founder Brian Roberts is an entrepreneur who has focused his passion for Cannabis and has worked to bring conscious capitalism to further the movement. Known from the THC Clothing trademarked the famous three letters THC, THC mocked the international corporations with Cannabis related designs. THC’s clothing could be found in retail shops all around the world.

Brian also started the famous ‘2000 BC’ on Melrose Ave here in Los Angeles. ‘2000 BC’ was famous for challenging the right to use the word BONG when purchasing your $200 glass art piece for smoking.  While fighting for the right to have a THC EXPO in 2009 I faced challenges at the Los Angeles Convention Center and at the LA City Attorney’s Office for the right to hold such an event. The battle between the city and I last over nine months and with only three months before the planned THCEXPO the city and the LA Attorney’s office agreed to host such a historical event.

The La City Attorney’s office agreed and even states in our contract that we are allowed to sell Bongs, grow equipment and many more products.When the dollar weakened in the early 2000’s THC Inc. established THC BV in Amsterdam.  In Amsterdam THC BV set up a retail shop on Sint Nicholaastraat across from the DNA GENTICS shop and down the street from ROOR.  THC BV’s warehouse was the distribution point of THC to over nine different countries in Europe.

In 2006 Brian sold THC Inc. and its trademark and pondered the thought of setting up another cannabis related company.  The problem was after twenty years in the Cannabis related Industry I was burnt out from doing over ten trade shows a year and it wasn’t from the herb.  Cannabis related companies had to search for the 1-3% of a trade show looking for Hemp products.

The solution was to start a 100% cannabis related trade show. “This is when I started the real THC EXPO.”


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