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Mother’s Finest – Sensi Seeds

Another incredible hybrid with roots in the Jack Herer breeding program, this next-generation Sativa is one of Sensi’s more recent creations. Upon release, Mother’s Finest was an instant hit, winning first place for Sativa at the 2002 Cannabis Cup just a few months later. Mother’s Finest is more a Hazey offshoot of the Herer line than a direct Jack-descendant. However, just like Jack Flash, Mother’s Finest is best understood as a purposeful fine-tuning of Jack Herer’s multi-faceted gene pool.

Jack Herer sits right on the cusp of the Sativa-Indica divide, Jack Flash is a Skunk-heavy variant and our gorgeous Mother’s Finest – with her sweet-sour flavour rush and ecstatic cerebral high – represents the Haze-dominant side of the family Naturally, the most Sativa-leaning examples of Mother’s Finest will require the full flowering time, though this is still a considerably shorter period than comparable Haze hybrids. Less frequent phenotypes with a stronger Indica influence can mature in eight weeks. Mother’s Finest gains height quickly when blooming, even in her more Indica form, so growers with limited upward space should flower early. Like other mostly-Sativa hybrids, this strain can be put into 12/12 as rooted clones or small seedlings.

Climate: Sunny / Mediterranian. Mother’s Finest® can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer. 
Height: Mother’s Finest will grow substantially during the flowering phase.
Flowering: Short flowering period (50 – 70 days) 
Yield: Mother’s Finest® can produce a very large yield, but cannot be recommended to the novice grower.
Type: 70% Sativa

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