Steven HagerSteven Hager has inducted himself in the Counterculture Hall Of Fame in 2012, during the 25th High Times Cannabis Cup.

The Counterculture Hall of Fame was created in 1997 by High Times Editor Steven Hager. The purpose of the Hall of Fame was to help focus ceremonies at the annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, and to celebrate the history of the counterculture by recognizing its saints. The inductions are done in Amsterdam every year on Thanksgiving as part of the Cannabis Cup awards show. Often a documentary film is shown to introduce the inductee(s) to the audience. A silver Cannabis Cup is awarded as part of the induction ceremony.

After Steven Hager became editor-in-chief of High Times in 1987, he created the first hemp legislation group, The Freedom Fighters, and also created the Cannabis Cup aswell as the World Hemp Expo Extravaganja.


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