The Sun Cup 2019

Organized by the Washington Sun and Craft Grower’s Association (WSCA).

The 2nd Annual Sun Cup Invitational, hosted by WSIA, brought together sungrowers from across Washington to compete in more than 10 categories. Judges included retail store buyers, social media influencers, and cannabis connoisseurs.

This event for outdoor farmers featured a legislative update from their lobbyist Bryan McConaughy, a short presentation by renowned organic cannabis breeder Gas of Swami Organic Seed, and a keynote presentation by living soil expert Jeff Lowenfells, a true leader in the organic/sustainability movement and author of two best-selling books.

The organizers were excited to celebrate their farmers with great food and inspirational speakers.

The private event was held in downtown Seattle and included a silent auction and plenty of networking among environmentally-conscious cannabis entrepreneurs.

These are the winners!

Best Overall
1st Place: CannaSol Farms – 9 lb Hammer

Full Term THC
1st Place: CannaSol Farms – 9 lb Hammer
2nd Place: Acme Diesel – Blueberry Indica
3rd Place: Ritual Cannabis – Manzari Grape

Full Term CBD
1st Place: CannaSol Farms – Pine Tsunami
2nd Place: Puffin Farm – Dan Remey

Light Dep THC
1st Place: Lazy Bee Gardens – Tesla Tower
2nd Place: Aloha Botanics – DJ Short Blueberry
3rd Place: Wild Wood Flower Farm – Glueberry OG

Light Dep CBD
1st Place: Lazy Bee Gardens – Remedy CBD
2nd Place: Eagle Trees – Royal AC/DC
3rd Place: CannaSol Farms – Cashy’s Honey

Solventless Concentrate
1st Place: Constellation Cannabis – Kimbo Kush SHO
2nd Place: High Five Farms – Purple Punch
3rd Place: Constellation Brands – Gelato SHO

CO2 Dab
1st Place: Puffin Farm – Dutch Treat
2nd Place: Puffin Farm – Strawberry Cough
3rd Place: Puffin Farm – Holy Grail Kush

Hydrocarbon Dab
1st Place: Canna Organix – The Glue
2nd Place: Canna Organix – Golden Lemons
3rd Place: Canna Organix – Silver Tip

Live Resin Concentrate
1st Place: Canna Organix – Sour Tangie
2nd Place: High Country Horticulture – Mac Live Reis PHO
3rd Place: FourDub Farms – Midnight Fantasy Live Resin

THC Cartridge
1st Place: Olala – Double Lemon Cheesecake
2nd Place: Canna Organix – Forbidden Fruit
3rd Place: Puffin Farm – Holy Grail Kush

CBD Cartridge
1st Place: Canna Organix – CBD Remedy
2nd Place: Olala – Cashy’s Honey
3rd Place: Heylo – Aliens on Moonshine

CBD Concentrate
1st Place: Puffin Farm – CBD Yummy
2nd Place: Canna Organix – CBD Remedy
3rd Place: CannaSol Farms – Cashy’s Honey Hash Balls

Infused Joint
1st Place: Puffin Farm – Trifecta
2nd Place: CannaSol Farms – Cashy’s Honey (Runners-Up)
3rd Place: CannaSol Farms – Double Lemon Cheesecake (Runners-Up)