Hip & Healthy Awards 2020

CBD products are making a big impact in various industries like food, drinks, beauty, and supplements, garnering widespread attention for its positive effects on consumers. With numerous exceptional brands offering unique and innovative products, Hip & Healthy tested the latest CBD offerings to curate a selection of top picks suitable for beginners and beyond. Recognizing the benefits of CBD products, from alleviating period pains to managing anxiety, Hip & Healthy sought to spotlight the everyday CBD champions that positively impact lives. Handpicked by their CBD editors and sourced from a diverse array of brands, here are the winners of the UK CBD Awards.

These are the winners!

Best CBD Skin Oil: Kloris CBD Superboost Face Oil

Best CBD Serum: Aurelia CBD Super Serum

Best CBD Eye Cream: OTO CBD Night Eye Treatment

Best CBD Bath Product: Kloris Bath Bomb

Best CBD Face Mask: OTO CBD Night Face Mask

Best CBD Drinks: MEDA Drinks

Best CBD Gummies: Pollen Soothe You CBD Gummies

Best CBD Capsules: Pure Sport CBD + Turmeric + Ginger

Best CBD Drops: Zoetic Premium CBD Oil

Best CBD Pillow Mist: OTO 30% CBD Pillow Mist

Best CBD Multi-Vitamin: Signature CBD

Best CBD Face Cream: Hemptouch Balancing Face Cream

Best Brand for Anxiety: Kloris

Best Brand for Sleep: OTO

Best Brand for Recovery: Cannaray

Best Brand for Periods: Our Remedy

Best Brand for Beginners: Kloris Starter Kit

Best Brand for Skincare: OTO

Best CBD Online Retailer: Green Box

Best CBD Newcomer: Gibson’s Goodology