Hip & Healthy Awards 2021

CBD has made a significant impact across various industries, including food, drink, beauty, and supplements, capturing the market’s attention with its evident benefits. With numerous exceptional brands offering a diverse range of products, Hip & Healthy has meticulously evaluated the latest CBD offerings to present their top selections for both novice users and seasoned enthusiasts. The broad spectrum of CBD products underscores their widespread appeal, prompting Hip & Healthy to highlight the everyday champions addressing issues from period pains to anxiety. Curated by their passionate CBD editors and sourced from a variety of outstanding brands, Hip & Healthy unveils the winners of the UK CBD Awards.

The are the winners!

Best CBD Drops:
Mantle The Original Oil
Best CBD Bath: Kloris Bath Melts
Best CBD Face Mask: Symbiosis Age Illuminating Cannabidiol Eight Hour Mask
Best CBD Lip Balm: MANTLE The Calm Balm
Best Brand For Recovery: CBD Queen
Best Brand For Sleep: OTO CBD
Best CBD Skin Oil: OTO Body Oil
Best CBD Face Cream: Sens8ate Skincare Botanicals Morning Dew
Best CBD Serum: Ascend Caffeine + CBD Brightening Oil Serum
Best CBD Eye Cream: Vitality CBD Eye Serum
Best CBD Food: Drops of Heal
Best CBD Capsules: Lady A
Best CBD Brand for Anxiety: Mindful Extracts
Best CBD Brand for Periods: Our Remedy
Best CBD Brand for Beginners: Kloris
Best Brand for Beauty: Ascend
Best CBD Brand or Product Newcomer: Just Botanicals Bath Bombs