The Headies Vemont Growers Cup 2022

The Headies: Vermont Growers Cup was held on April 16 at Lang Farm 51 Upper Main Street Essex, VT 05452 United States.

There are the winners of the 2022 Headies!

Flower: Indica
Trap Haus VT – Greasy Runtz
2nd: The Cannaisseur – Do-Si-Dos
3rd: Clover Hill Cannabis – Passenger Pigeon

Flower: Sativa
Kismet Farm – Sweet Island
2nd: Forbin’s Finest – Tropicana Banana
3rd: Opia Farm – Thunderella

Flower: Hybrid
Mike – Girl Scout Cookie
2nd: Greenmont Craft Cannabis Co. – Breath – Cherry Pie Kush
3rd: Forbin’s Finest – Pineapple Cream

Flower: Greenhouse
Vermont Select – Glazed Apricot Gelato
2nd: Justin Kennedy – Strawberry Diesel
3rd: Darren Polhemus – Blissful Wizard

Flower: Outdoor
Juniper Gardens – Snowball
2nd: Trap Haus VT – Terple
3rd: Off Piste Farm – Pigpen

Flower: Hemp
Few True Seeds – Spirit of Sirius
2nd: Vermont Pure CBD – Sour Hawaiian
3rd: Vermont Pure CBD – Suver Haze

Flower: CBD
Off Piste Farm – Pudding Hill Cheese

Flower: Preroll
Greenmont Craft Cannabis Co. – Zweet Inzanity
2nd: Highly Rooted – Mix of Strains

Concentrate: Rosin
Cyr Craft Cannabis – Hammerback (9# Hammer x 9# Hammer)
2nd: Greg Carter – Sour Diesel
3rd: Vermont Select – Snowball

Concentrate: Hash
Green Science Gardens – Melon Head
2nd: Green Science Gardens – Bag Seed
3rd: Crystal Mountain – 2amadelica

Concentrate: CBD
Vermont Select – Ceiba’s Sister

Edible: THC
Green Mountain Munchies – Carrot Cupcake
2nd: Lindies Candies – Chocolate Bar
3rd: Yorich – Chocolate Truffle

Edible: CBD
Rosie’s Confections – Cinnamon Toffee Swirl Bonbons
2nd: Primal Botanical – CBD Toffees
3rd: Green Mountain Synergy – Oreo Chocolate Bar

Topical THC
Highly Rooted – Cannabis Pain Salve

Topical: CBD
1st: Family Tree – Goat Milk CBD Lotion
2nd: Green Mountain Synergy – Muscle Rub Salve
3rd: Primal Botanical – CBD Body Butter