Massachusetts Cultivators Cup 2022

The focus of this People’s Choice cannabis competition is to celebrate and foster community within the cannabis culture.

This exciting cannabis contest took place on September 3rd and 4th in Worcester, when the Cultivators Cup returned to Massachusetts to celebrate ‘Who’s Got the Best Grass in Mass’ and more.

The Judge’s Kit allowed consumers to assess cannabis products based on their quality. Enthusiasts, consumers, and advocates of cannabis were welcomed to come, explore, discover, and rejoice in their new favorites within the regulated cannabis markets.

These are the winners!

1st Place: Bountiful Farms – Slap & Tickle
2nd Place: Green Gold – Lemon Cherry Gelato
3rd Place: Happy Valley – End Game Cookies

1st Place: Theory Wellness – Irish Cannonball
2nd Place: Harbor Collective – Albariño
3rd Place: Green Gold – G13 Kush

1st Place: Green Gold – White Chocolate Macaroons
2nd Place: Green Gold – Poppin’ Candy
3rd Place: Coast Cannabis Co – Tangerine THC Gummies

Vape Pens
1st Place: Happy Valley – Live Hash Rosin
2nd Place: Bountiful Harvest – Papaya Cake
3rd Place: Happy Valley – Cannabis Terpene Distillate

Solvent Concentrates
1st Place: Berkshire Roots – Vortex Live Sugar
2nd Place: Green Gold – Sour Joker Crumble
3rd Place: Commenwealth Alternative Care – NF1 Badder

Solventless Concentrates
1st Place: Happy Valley – End Game Cookies
2nd Place: Bountiful – Colorado Chem
3rd Place: Nature’s Heritage Cannabis – Double Krush