World CBD Awards 2022

The 2022 World CBD Awards in Barcelona, Spain was truly international cannabidiol event that saw exhibitors, sponsors and influential industry experts travel across the globe to showcase the very best in professional products and services to cater for you; exclusive to the World CBD Awards

Best European Retailer:
1st Place: Holland & Barrett

Best International Retailer:
1st Place: Just CBD

Best European Distributor:
1st Place: Simply Green

Best International Distributor:
1st Place: GenCanna

Best CBD Laboratory:
1st Place: Triverity Labs

Best CBD White Label:
1st Place: Taylor Mammon

Best Hemp Farmer:
1st Place: Greentech Holdings

Best Raw Material Supplier:
1st Place: GenCanna

CBD Influencer:
1st Place: Kannavape S.R.O

Industry Newcomer:
1st Place: Kanndela Labs

Product Innovation:
1st Place: Greentech Holdings

Best Social Media Campaign:
1st Place: Magic King Brussels

Most Loved Brand:
1st Place: Orange County CBD

Most Charitable:
1st Place: Reakiro

Best CBD Magazine:
1st Place: Cannabis Health

Best CBD Book:
1st Place: Walter the Wizard

Best Packaging Company:
1st Place: Duallok

Best CBD Device:
1st Place: CCell

Best CBD Flower:
1st Place: Marry Jane

Best CBD Vape:
1st Place: Third Eye Cannabinoids

Best CBD Cosmetic:
1st Place: Ethica CBD

Best Pet Range:
1st Place: Sky Wellness

Best Sexual Wellness:
1st Place: Quanna Ltd

Best CBD Topical:
1st Place: Living Legends CBD

Best CBD (Sublingual) Edible:
1st Place: iX Biopharma Ltd

Best CBD (Ingestible) Edible:
1st Place: Kinloch Wellness

Best CBD (Hot) Beverage:
1st Place: MAXX4 Life

Best CBD (Cold) Beverage:
1st Place: MYND Drinks

Best CBD (Alcohol) Beverage:
1st Place: Aqua Sativa Ltd

Best Isolate Based Tincture:
1st Place: Patch Adam

Best Extract Based Tincture:
1st Place: Reakiro

Industry Recognition:
1st Place: Tommy Chong

Pioneer of the Year:
1st Place: Edward Collins