Jalisco Cannabis Cup 2022

Mexico, November 19th 2022. Jalisco Cannabis Cup thanks all the participants and attendees of this great event in which exponents, projects and ideas of innovation in the Mexican cannabis community come together.

These are the winners!

Indoor Sativa Flowers
1st Place: Psy plants mx – GMO x Tech
2nd Place: Sayula growers – Jungle canyon
3rd Place: Ahau Growhouse – Casey Jones

Indoor Indica Flowers
1st Place: Sayula Growers – Purple Flavonoids
2nd Place: Mr California – P.P. Peach Pancakes
3rd Place: Golden boy 2 – Mike 2 x Jalisco purps

Outdoor Sativa Flowers
1st Place: Elixir Meds – Passion Berry x Zkittlez x Durga Mata
2nd Place: Wax Pockas (Mexican Pride) – Papaya Haze
3rd Place: Efraweed – Banana Blaze

Outdoor Indica Flowers
1st Place: El Nahual – Blue OG
2nd Place: Shuy M – Puma
3rd Place: Anibal peralta jelly genetics – Mandarine Jelly

THC Edibles
1st Place: Haze Brewing Co – Craft beer, little bread of the dead
2nd Place: Bien plantados – Tequila candy
3rd Place: El menu de bren – Chicle d9

CBD Edibles
1st Place: Cabo Company – Kale chips
2nd Place: Bien plantados – Red fruit candy
3rd Place: MJ Green – Salsa Macha

Solventless Extracts (Bubble Hash)
1st Place:Joseph – Cookies Cream
2nd Place: Joseph – Chocolate 2.0
3rd Place: Alquimia Xtracts MX – Passion Fruit

Solventless Extracts (Rosin)
1st Place: Beectlan RX y Fernando Konosoi – Papaya

Solvent Extracts (BHO)
1st Place: Wax Pockas Mexican Pride – Acid & Cookies
2nd Place: Beectlan Rx – White Shark
3rd Place: Alquimia MX Xtracts – Lemon Skunk

Solvent Extracts (Diamonds)
1st Place: Up in cloud 9 – pushpopz
2nd Place: Up in cloud 9 – south side og
3rd Place: Alquimia MX Xtracts – Forbidden fruit

Solvent Extracts (Distillate)
1st Place: Up in cloud 9 – gorila
2nd Place: Colectivo Mojo – gelato delta 9 cartridges
3rd Place: Golden boyz – pure delta 9 distillate

Solvent Extracts (Ethanol EHO)
1st Place: Oro Miel – Chocolope x Girl Scout cookies
2nd Place: QFB Canna – Unidentified cross
3rd Place: Alquimia MX Xtracts – Mimosa