Legacy Cup MN III 2022

The Legacy Cup in Minnesota is back with a 3rd edition! The competition and the adjoining THC Festival celebrate and recognize excellence in the cannabis community, particularly in the areas of homegrown flower, edibles and other THC and CBD products. It provides a platform for growers and producers to showcase their skills and products, with awards given to the top performers in each category.

These are the winners of the the Legacy Cup!

THC Gummy
1st Place: Minny Grown – Berry Bliss
2nd Place: Nuqanna – Body Buzz Gummies

THC Beverage
1st Place: Kite Soda – Root Beer
2nd Place: Foundry – Orange Tangie D9 Soda

Most Innovative THC
1st Place: Doctor Dab’s Healthy Highs – Medicated Maple Candies
2nd Place: Granny’s Edibles – Infused Pretzels

THC Chocolate
1st Place: Retro Bakery – White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Crunchy Bar
2nd Place: Nuqanna – Salted White Chocolate Blueberry

THC Tincture
1st Place: Retro Bakery – THC + THCV Energy
2nd Place: Minny Grown – Natural Tincture

CBD Indoor Flower
1st Place: Delta X – The White
2nd Place: Cornell Urban Ag – Minnesota Tangie

CBD Outdoor Flower
1st Place: Crested River – Guava Octane
2nd Place: UpNorth Genetics – Pink Panther

CBD Cartridge
1st Place: Splitrock Premier – Cartridge
2nd Place: Crested River – Cantaloupe Haze

CBD Tincture
1st Place: Crested River – CBD English Toffee
2nd Place: Foundry – Indica CBD Oil

CBD Topical
1st Place: Minny Grown – CBD Pain Gel
2nd Place: Northwoods Botanicals – Mint Salve

CBD Concentrate
1st Place: Crested River – CBDA Sugar Sour Special Sauce
2nd Place: Splitrock Premier – Concentrate

CBD Edible
1st Place: BLNCD – CBD Chocolate Covered Caramels
2nd Place: Split Rock – Crunch Bar

Most Innovative CBD
1st Place: Foundry – Tattoo Stick CBD Balm
2nd Place: BLNCD – Blueberry Lemon CBD Sparkling Water

Best Dispensary
Hemp House