Rooster Cup THC Classic

Rooster Cup THC Classic 2023

”Rooster Cup THC Classic is Colorado’s largest blind-judging cannabis and hemp competition. To avoid bias, all submissions are repackaged without any labels or branding before being given to the judges.
Each year, licensed dispensaries, wholesalers and manufacturers all compete to see who has the best flowers, concentrates, edibles, vape pens and infusions in the Colorado marketplace across 23 categories.”

These are the winners of the 2023 THC Classic!

Grand Champion:
Sano Gardens – Sour Tangie Amber Live All – In – One

1st Place: Golden Leaf – Lemonhead Delight
2nd Place: Rare Dankness – Super Sour Lemon
3rd Place: Billo Premium Cannabis – Caps Frozen Lemons

1st Place: Golden Leaf – Black Maple #22
2nd Place: Den-Rec – Banana Cream
3rd Place: Rare Dankness – White Truffle

1st Place: Golden Leaf – Candy Fumez
2nd Place: Kind Care of Colorado – Divine Kush Breath
3rd Place: Rare Dankness – Apples and Bananas

1st Place: Infuzionz – Burple .5 Gram 10pk Pre Roll
2nd Place: Pluto – Milky Way
3rd Place: Den-Rec – Slapz

1st Place: San Juan Strains – Jaywalker
2nd Place: Pot Zero – Axilla
3rd Place: Pot Zero – Reba

Cured Concentrates:
1st Place: Nomad Extracts – Banana Punch Cured Sugar
2nd Place: Pharmacann – #HASH Cured Trop’n Citrus – Shatter Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
3rd Place: Loud Labs – Bordello Budder

Live Resin:
1st Place: Native Roots Cannabis Co. – Spectra Alien Bubba X Super Lemon Haze Live Resin
2nd Place: Pharmacann – #HASH Flash Frozen Citral Bloom – Live Resin / Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
3rd Place: Billo Premium Cannabis – Golden Goat

1st Place: Äkta – Chemmy Jones
2nd Place: Lazercat – Iridescent – Ultrapremo Rosin Badder
3rd Place: Olio – Red Strips #1

Infused Products:
1st Place: DADiRRi – Caviar Sunrock Guava Cooler
2nd Place: Kaviar – Kaviar Cone – 1.5g Infused Joint
3rd Place: Infuzionz – Gelato Sugar Cone

Vape Pens:
1st Place: Native Roots Cannabis Co – Mr. Moxey’s Balance Peppermint
2nd Place: Steve’s Goods – Strawnana HHC Vape Oil
3rd Place: Metta Hemp – CBD Sauce and Diamonds – Super Sour Diesel

1st Place: Sano Gardens – Sour Tangie Amber Live All-In-One
2nd Place: The Clear – Elite Grapevine .5g A10
3rd Place: Evolab – Old Engine

Live Resin Cartridges:
1st Place: Spherex – Luxe Live Rosin-Papaya Lemonade
2nd Place: Loud Labs-Pyramid – Strawberries and Cream
3rd Place: Äkta – Early Riser

Distillate Cartridges:
1st Place: Billo Premium Cannabis – Chenene
2nd Place: Infuzionz – Black Cherry OG Live Resin Cartridge
3rd Place: Sano Gardens – OG Lime Killer Aqua Live Resin Cartridge

CO2 Extracted Cartridges:
1st Place: Co2lors – Rainbow Reign
2nd Place: Spherex – Pineapple Mimosa
3rd Place: Native Roots Cannabis Co – Spectra Plant Power 3 Master Kush 510 Cartridge 500mg

1st Place: Pharmacann – Full Melt Peppermint Bar
2nd Place: Incredibles – Strawberry Crunch Chocolate Bar
3rd Place: Millie’s – Millie’s Rosin Milk Chocolate Peanuts

1st Place: Pharmacann – Matter Green Apple Spots
2nd Place: The Clear – Dripcees Gummies-Strawberry Watermelon (Recover) 1:1 THC/CBG
3rd Place: RIPT – Pucked Up Peach Sour Sativa

1st Place: Keef Brands- Keef Life H20 Blueberry Lemon + CBN
2nd Place: Teeny Tiny Science – Blueberry Muffins Live Resin Flower Powder
3rd Place: Lepow Extracts – Pour Up Tore Up-Strawberry

1st Place: GÜD – Tymz Cannabis Products
2nd Place: Pharmacann – Sweet Grass Kitchen Cannabutter
3rd Place: Cheeba Chews – Cheeba Chews Melts-Toasted Coconut

1st Place: By George! CBD – Full Spectrum Power Stick with CBG and CBD
2nd Place: Quiq Effects – Quiq Extra Strength Salve
3rd Place: Mary Jane’s Medicinals – Cloud 9 Bath Bomb

1st Place: The Clear – Twax Minis 3g-Grapevine .5g x 6
2nd Place: Lepow Extracts – RSO Extract
3rd Place: Green Treets – Mango Peach Budlini Pot Shot