The Harvest Cup

The Harvest Cup 2023

The 2023 Harvest Cup was held in Worcester, MA, USA 

Sweet Edibles
1st place: Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Bar – Nova Farms Meltdown
2nd place: Harvest Granola – Boston Baked Corp

Sugar Confections
1st place: Hashables Tropical Typhoon – Nova Farms
2nd place: Live Rosin Gummies Heirloom Peach from PAX

Savory Edibles
1st place: Toasted Coconut & Chipotle Candied Cashews – Chef’s Cut Cannabis
2nd place: Everything Bagel Candied Bacon – Goofy Green Farms

1st place: Cape Cod Cranberry – Pine & Star
2nd place: Blueberry Lemonade – Pine & Star

1st place: Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam – Goofy Green Farms
2nd place: Chili Crisp – Goofy Green Farms

CBD-only Edibles
1st place: Watermelon Lime Tajin Southie Sour – Southie Adams
2nd place: New England Maple & Scottish Whisky Peanut Brittle – Chef’s Cut Cannabis

CBD/THC Mixed Edibles
1st place: Pineapple Dream – Nova Farms Zzzonked
2nd place: Breakfast in Bed Gummy – Lazy River Products

Topicals Therapeutics
1st place: Mush Love Your Feet Balm – Hippy Chick
2nd place: Frozen Heat Balm – Alternative Compassion Services

1st place: Sour Diesel BX4 Liquid Shatter – Sanctuary Medicinals
2nd place: Orange Creamsicle – Lazy River

1st place: Juicee J – Lazy River Products
2nd place: Lemonz – Green Gold

PreRolls Infused
1st place: Triple Monster Infused Goblin Punch – Triple M
2nd place: Cannagar Chocolate Peaches – Triple M

1st place: Boston Stranglah Live Badder – Nimbus Cannabis Co.
2nd place: Clementine Crack Cookies Badder – Dabscience

1st place: Nerdz Hash Rosin – Alto Jardin x Mamajs
2nd place: Ice Cream Cookies Rosin – Freddy’s Headies

Linalool Dominant Terpenes
1st place: Runtz – Ripple Wellness
2nd place: Stargazer – Pacha’s Select

1st place: Super Boof Cherry – Tower Three
2nd place: Peach Milano – Shammanic Roots

1st place: Duck Sauce – Gardens by GILF
2nd place: Zaza Grizz – Sparq Cannabis
2nd place: Zlushiez – Springtime
2nd place: Z Animal x Bully Kush – Mass Alternative Care

1st place: Puna Punch – Lazy River Products
2nd place: Sundae Punch – Cranberry

1st place: Lemon Zephyr – Coastal Healing
2nd place: Miracle Mints – Smyth Cannabis