High95 Cup

High95 Cup 2023

High95 Cup is a grass roots, cannabis community competition for notoriety and prizes. featuring hundreds of entrants.

These are the Winners!

1st Place, Slurricane , Headies, In-House Genetics – Purple Punch x Do-si-Dos,
2nd Place, Punchbreath , Minerva medicinals – Symbiotic
3rd Place, Glitter Bomb, Stoney Grove, Compound Genetics – OGKB Blueberry Headband x Grape Gas,

Sun Grown

1st Place, Mountain Trop , Art and Craft – Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie
1st Place, Funk mountain #2, Art and Craft – Trop Cookies x Strawguava, Bloom
2nd Place, Tavarua Granger Things, ,
3rd Place, Punch Cake, Green Xtrax, Elev8 – Purple Punch x Wedding Cake


1st Place, Laugh and Cry, Best Friend Farms, – Strawberry Diesel x Zskittlezz
2nd Place, 207 headband, Best Friend Farms – Headband x Headband x Kosher Mac x Shoki,
3rd Place, Gas masque, Best Friend Farms, Me – Kosher Kush x Mac x Headband


1st Place, Tropicanna Cherry, High Striker Farms, Relentless Genetics – Tropicanna Cookies x Cherry Cookies
2st Place, Crookies, High Striker Farm, Honey Sticks – White Truffle x Snakes Cake x Pure Michigan
3rd Place, Super Silver Haze, The Flower Farm, Skunk #1x N L#5 x Haze, Neville? Dutch crew?


1st Place, Road Rage, Hazy Hill Farm, Swamp Thing x Hot Rod, Dungeons Vault
2nd Place, Rainbow Belts, Hazy Hill Farm, Zkittlez x Moonbow, Archive
3rd Place, 207 headband, Best Friend Farms, Headband x Gas Masque x Shoki,


1st Place, Grape zmuckerzz #2, Best Friend Farms, Zskittlezz x Faceoff OG x Grape Smuckerss,
2nd Place, Papaya, High Striker Farm, Citral #13 x Ice #2, Nirvana Seeds
3rd Place, Fruity Child, Black Bog Farm, Fruity Pebbles X Barn Burner


1st Place, Grape ice , Right coast reserve , Animal Mints x the Creature ,
2ndPlace, Dozi-zo’z Live Resin , Ripple Wellness , Dosi-do’s x Zkittlez x OZ Kush , Green Fire Genetics
3rd Place, Papaya Cake Live resin , Ripple wellness , Papaya Berry Runtz x Chem Cake , Purple City Genetics & People under the Stairs Genetics

Total Terpenes

4.79%, Indoor, Laugh and cry, Best Friend Farms, Strawberry Diesel x Zskittlezz
2.58%, Green House, Cherry Stout , Fennario Farms, Cherry Pie x Guinness
2.52%, Indoor, Durban Universe, Brazen Earthworx, Durban Poison X Ms. Universe

Highest THC

32.8%, Indoor, GMO, Hazy Hill Farm, Girl Scout Cookies x Chem D
30.4%, Indoor, Valley Orange , Ripple Wellness, Sfv OG x f1 Durban Poision x Mimosa
28.9%, Organic, Cap Junky, Northeast Naturals, Kush mints x Alien Cookies