Errl Cup 2024

Cannabis Appreciation, Awards, & Education Event. March 16th – 17th 2024, Mesa, Arizona. Established in 2015, the Cup aims to ensure patients’ access to reliable and pure medication in Arizona.

The Errl Cup stands as Arizona’s premier Cannabis Awards and Festival gathering, dedicated to patient recognition and dispensary responsibility. The spring edition of the Errl Cup features its competitive event alongside a vibrant a music festival and campout.

These are the winners!

Open Class (Patient Class)

Indoor Flower Indica
1st Place: Qualifire Farms – Raindough
2nd Place: Crucial – Platinum Kush Mints
3rd Place: Consecrated Farms – Jelly Mints

Indoor Flower Sativa
1st Place: Qualifire Farms – Stellar Blue #1
2nd Place: Simply Pro Formula – Swazi Gold
3rd Place: Space Man Seed Co – Sour Diesel

Indoor Flower Hybrid
1st Place: Qualifire Farms – Crispz
2nd Place: Crucial – Sugar Berry Scones
3rd Place: Growfire Farms – Fritter Fuel

Sun Grown Flowers
1st Place: Verde Valley Genetics – Royal Fire OG Kush
2nd Place: Growfire Farms – Fritter Fuel
3rd Place: Sands Seeds – Headband

1st Place: Freeland Farms – Shoelace Wax Caps
2nd Place: Barracuda Cannabis – Sock It To Me Cheesecake
3rd Place: Crucial – Sweet & Sour Gummy Bears

1st Place: High Kountry Consulting – Banana Wrecker
2nd Place: Crucial – Moonwalker Kush

Dispensary Class

Indoor Flower Indica:
1st Place: Abundant Organics – Blue Blitz
2nd Place: Zonacated – Garlic Breath
3rd Place: Connected – Slowlane

Indoor Flower Sativa:
1st Place: Aeriz – Jenny Kush
2nd Place: Connected – Tropical Z
3rd Place: The Flower Shop – Blue Tint

Indoor Flower Hybrid:
1st Place: Connected – Biscotti
2nd Place: Aeriz – Jealousy
3rd Place: Abundant Organics – Garlic Lime

Sun Grown Flower:
1st Place: Duo Cannabis – Duo Triangle Kush
2nd Place: Sol Flowers – Monkey Junk
3rd Place: Seed & Strain – KY Jealous

Concentrate Indica:
1st Place: Aeriz – Krypt Walker LR Sugar
2nd Place: Hashishans – Cotton Candy Cookies LR
3rd Place: Shango – Wedding Pie

Concentrate Sativa:
1st Place: Mohave Cannabis Co – Blue Dream Sugar
2nd Place: Aeriz – Upnorth NFI LR Sugar
3rd Place: Mozey – Raspberry Cough Badder

Concentrate Hybrid:
1st Place: Hashishans – Garlic Fusion X Full Send LR
2nd Place: Mohave Cannabis Co – Pure Michigan
3rd Place: Amber – Ghost Train Haze LR

1st Place: Amber – CK Crasher LR Diamond Dust
2nd Place: Goldsmith Extracts – THCA Isolate

1st Place: Aeriz – 8″ Bagel
2nd Place: Mohave Cannabis Co – Mixed Strain RSO

Vape Pen Indica:
1st Place: Dime Industries – King Louie XIII
2nd Place: Mohave Cannabis Co – Valley OG
3rd Place: Aeriz – Ice Cream Cake

Vape Pen Sativa:
1st Place: Bud Bros – Jungle Juice
2nd Place: Dime Industries – Cantaloupe Dream
3rd Place: Aeriz – Trop Cookies

Vape Pen Hybrid:
1st Place: Dime Industries – Pink Rose’
2nd Place: Aeriz – MSG
3rd Place: Jars Cannabis – Rainbow Sherbert

Vape Pen LR Indica:
1st Place: Bud Bros – GSC
2nd Place: Dime Industries – Kushmint
3rd Place: Amber – ICC LR Sauce

Vape Pen LR Sativa:
1st Place: Amber – Caps Frozen Lemons LR
2nd Place: Dime Industries – Jet Fuel
3rd Place: Sauce Essentials – Aloha Express

Vape Pen LR Hybrid:
1st Place: Jars Cannabis – Jealousy
2nd Place: Dime Industries – Banana MAC
3rd Place: Bud Bros – Chem 91

Vape Pen Non Solvent:
1st Place: Aeriz – Skywalker OG LR
2nd Place: Tropics – Beyond Cherries
3rd Place: Abundant Organics – Strawberry Patch

Concentrate Non-Solvent Indica:
1st Place: Aeriz – Ice Cream Cake LHR
2nd Place: House Exotics – Modified Bananas LR
3rd Place: Arizona Organix – Garlic Cocktail

Concentrate Non-Solvent Sativa:
1st Place: Aeriz – Jet Fuel LHR
2nd Place: Abundant Organics – Jenny Kush
3rd Place: House Exotics – Mars Hotel LR

Concentrate Non-Solvent Hybrid:
1st Place: Aeriz – Cap Junky LHR
2nd Place: House Exotics – Peachy Pete LR

1st Place: Koala Bar – Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar
2nd Place: Halo Infusions – Cannabliss 420 Hot Sauce
3rd Place: Feel Sublime – RSO Kona Sea Salt Caramels

Gummy Edible:
1st Place: Hedy – Hedy Dreamz Strawberry Lemonzzz 5:1
2nd Place: iLava – Entourage Twilight Blackberry
3rd Place: Lush – Wildberry Kush

1st Place: Sip Elixirs – Electric Lemon
2nd Place: Keef – Blue Raspberry
3rd Place: Uncle Arnies – Smacking Apple

CBD Topical:
1st Place: iLava – Hemp Touch
2nd Place: Smokiez Edibles – Cooling CBD Relief Gel

CBD Edible:
1st Place: Tonic Bev Co – Lemon Lime Drink
2nd Place: 24th West Organics – Daily Support Hemp Capsules
3rd Place: Halo Infusions – Chronic Health 0:1 Hemp Tincture

1st Place: Abundant Organics – Jenny Kush
2nd Place: Project Packs – White Runtz
3rd Place: Aeriz – Durban Poison

Infused Pre-roll:
1st Place: Bangers – Watermelon Sorbet
2nd Place: High Scorez – Wedding Cake x Fatso
3rd Place: Mohave Cannabis Co – Mule Fuel

1st Place: Halo Infusions – Chronic Health Sleep Well I Tincture

1st Place: AZCS – Derma Freeze Rub
2nd Place: Halo Infusions – Chronic Health 1:1 Pain Releaf Ointment
3rd Place: iLava – Touch Airless Pump