The 4th Hip & Healthy CBD Awards 2024

The UK CBD Awards. Cannabidiol (CBD) is making a significant impact across various industries, including food, drink, beauty, and supplements, capturing the market’s attention with its evident benefits. With numerous exceptional brands offering a diverse range of products, Hip & Healthy has evaluated the latest CBD offerings to present their top selections for both novice users and seasoned enthusiasts. The broad spectrum of CBD products underscores their widespread appeal, prompting Hip & Healthy to highlight the everyday champions addressing issues from period pains to anxiety. Curated by their passionate CBD editors and sourced from a variety of outstanding brands, Hip & Healthy unveils the winners of their 4th annual UK CBD Awards.

These are the 2024 winners!

Best Period Brand:
1st Place: Dame
2nd Place: Forage Botanicals
3rd Place: Natracare

Best Sleep Product:
1st Place: Raise & Replenish
2nd Place: Indi
3rd Place: Love Life Supplements

Best Pillow Mist:
1st Place: Healing Alternatives
2nd Place: SLPT
3rd Place: Neom

Best Probiotic Supplement:
1st Place: SEED
2nd Place: Microbz
3rd Place: The Better Menopause

Best Liquid Supplement:
1st Place: Love Life Supplements
2nd Place: Luna & Solis
3rd Place: BlueIron

Best for Mental Health:
1st Place: Adaptogenic Apothecary
2nd Place: Inessa
3rd Place: Mindful Extracts

Best Wellness Drink:
1st Place: Forage Botanicals
2nd Place: Verve
3rd Place: Better You Magnesium Water

Best Natural Deodorant:
1st Place: Dr Hauschka Rose Deodorant
2nd Place: Green People
3rd Place: The Natural Deodorant Co

Best Sleep Candle:
1st Place: Rituals – The Ritual Of Jing Scented Candle
2nd Place: Neom Perfect Nights Sleep Candle
3rd Place: London Dispensary Slumber CBD Candle

Best Brand For Evening Rituals:
1st Place: Neom Wellbeing Pod
2nd Place: Holistic Silk Hot Water Bottle
3rd Place: Sensory Sleep Vegan Silk Mask

Best Functional Fragrance:
1st Place: Others (Red Skies scent)
2nd Place: The Nue Co, Functional Fragrance
3rd Place: Susanne Kaufmann Bregenzerwald Fragrance Oil

Best Gummies:
1st Place: Nutriburst Triple Immunity Gummies
2nd Place: Cannaray Lion’s Mane Wellness Gummies
3rd Place: London Dispensary CBD Fruit Jellies

Best At-Home Health Test:
1st Place: Glycanage
2nd Place: Hertility
3rd Place: Thriva

Best Supplement Brand:
1st Place: Heights
2nd Place: Advanced Nutrition Programme
3rd Place: Love Life Supplements

Best Immunity Supplement:
1st Place: Sisterly
2nd Place: Nutriburst
3rd Place: Bimuno

Best CBD Supplement:
1st Place: Mindful Extracts
2nd Place: The London Dispensary
3rd Place: Cannabotech

Best Vegan Supplement:
1st Place: Oskia
2nd Place: Verve
3rd Place: Luna & Solis

Best 40+ Wellness Product:
1st Place: The Better Menopause
2nd Place: Adaptogenic Apothecary
3rd Place: Oxford Healthspan

Best for Kids Health:
1st Place: Better You
2nd Place: Bimuno
3rd Place: Tonic Health

Best Newcomer:
1st Place: Raise and Replenish
2nd Place: Wild Dose
3rd Place: JERMS

Best Protein Powder:
1st Place: HERMOSA
2nd Place: Indi Recover Essential Lean Protein
3rd Place: Free Soul Vegan Salted Caramel

Best Wellness Destination:
1st Place: AIRE Ancient Baths London
2nd Place: Chiva-Som Health Resort Thailand
3rd Place: Zulal Wellness Resort Qatar

Best Fitness Studio:
1st Place: Barry’s
2nd Place: Heartcore
3rd Place: Sweat by BXR

Best Dental Care Brand:
1st Place: Polished London
2nd Place: Ordo
3rd Place: Grin