Arizona Growers Cup 2024 poster

Arizona Growers Cup 2024 – Irie Rockerz Annual Cannabis Cup

The Arizona Growers Cup is here! In this championship, participants put their cannabis cultivation skills head to head with the best growers in the state. Hosted by Ngaio Bealum from NETFLIX’s “Cooking on High”, the Arizona Growers Cup (Annual Irie Rockerz Cannabis Cup) was held on March 30th at LUX Event Center, Tempe, Arizona.

These are the Winners!

1st Place: NF1 – Aeriz
2nd Place: Superboof – Summus Grows
3rd Place: High Frutose Corn Syrup – Copperstate (Sol Flower)

1st Place: AAC45 – Arizona Aroma
2nd Place: Chimera #3 – Push N Weight
3rd Place: Jelly Mints – Consecrated Farms

Full Spectrum
1st Place: Blue Face – Aeriz

Infused Pre-Roll
1st Place: Berry White – Jeeter
2nd Place: Ice Cream Cake – Aeriz
3rd Place: Hippie Crasher – 22 Red

1st Place: Trop Cherry Live Rosin – Summus Grows
2nd Place: Super Boof Rosin AIO – Copperstate (Sol Flower)
3rd Place: AIO Live Resin Vape – Sonoran Roots

1st Place: Super Boof Live Rosin – Copperstate (Sol Flower)
2nd Place: Ice Cream Cake – Aeriz
3rd Place: Maui Wowie Diamonds – Jeeter

1st Place: Jacks Cleaner Diamonds & Sauce – Mr. Honey Extracts
2nd Place: Grape Gas Diamonds – Push N Weight
3rd Place: Headband Haze Diamonds – Mr. Honey Extracts

1st Place: 8” Bagel – Aeriz
2nd Place: Life Hack Jam – Copperstate (Sol Flower)
3rd Place: Cereal Milk – Summus Grows

1st Place: BAD TUMMY Tincture – The Happy Hippie

1st Place: CannaBrew – Canna Brew
2nd Place: Purple Passion – Keef
3rd Place: Chai Tea Drink – Canna Confections

1st Place: Prickly Pear – Mellow Vibes
2nd Place: Sour Watermelon Fruit Chew – Smokiez Edibles
3rd Place: Karmal Apple – Kosmik

1st Place: Red Velvet Macadamia – Aunt Ellies (Canna Confections)

1st Place: Banana Sunset – Aeriz

1st Place: Empower – Empower (Mellow Vibes)
2nd Place: Cream Supreme – The Happy Hippie
3rd Place: 1:1 Pain Relief Ointment – Chronic Health (Canna Confections)