The Awards began in 2002 when patients in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) complained about the lack of information from the program about how to grow marijuana and which strains would be best for their medical conditions. “It’s not like a pharmaceutical drug where a patient can run down to the pharmacy and choose from lots of different brands and ask a pharmacist or a doctor for suggestions,” said Oregon NORML Executive Director Madeline Martinez. “Since the federal government won’t allow scientists and doctors to really study medical marijuana and since the state of Oregon can’t give this information to patients, we decided to step in and help any way we can.” Martinez claims the event is the only blind-sample medical marijuana evaluation in the country, perhaps the world. “There are other ‘cannabis cup’-type events,” Martinez continues, “but they are primarily concerned with the recreational use of cannabis and do not track the medical conditions of the judges or the medical effectiveness of the marijuana as it relates to specific medical conditions.”

These are the results of the very first Oregon Mecial Cannabis Awards (2002)



1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize



  Stony Girl for
Northern Lights #5
… for
… Dogg for


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