High Times Cannabis Cup 2007_20th-cup-pass_front 2007_20th-cup-pass_back

High Times Cannabis Cup 2007 – The 20th Awards. Nov. 18th till 22nd – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The 20th ‘Comedy’ Cannabis Cup was held in Amsterdam – Duivendrecht at a venue called ‘The Powerzone’. The openings-ceremony was held at 4.20 hrs. at The Powerzone, and the closing ceremony at the winning coffeeshop on Friday the 23rd at 4.20 hrs.

Tommy Chong, of the legendary ‘Cheech & Chong’ was adopted in the counter culture hall of fame AND inducted.

Many parties and live acts flanked the festivities this year, the parties of Barney’s Coffeeshop (presenting Moe), Self-Hemployed & Ceres Seeds (presenting Aceyalone, Heidi Happy, Fifi L’amour and John Sinclair & Mark Ritsema) and Hempworks (presenting the usual fashion show hosted by Redman.), The Homegrown Band, and many others..

These are the results of the 2007 Hightimes Cannabis Cup


1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Cannabis Cup Barneys for
G13 Haze
Grey Area for
The Green House for
Super Silver Haze
Indica Cup Amnesia Seeds for
Top Dawg
Barney’s for
Crimea Blue
Reserva Privada for
Reserva Privada # 18
Sativa Cup Apothecary for
Kaia Kush
Kiwi Seeds for
Tazman Haze
B.C. Bud Depot for
The Purps
Import Hash Cup Barney’s for
Triple X
The Green House for
King Hassan Supreme
Dampkring for
Rifman’s Habibi
Dutch Hash Cup Barney’s for
Violator Ice-o-lator
The Green House for
Bubble Mania
Grey Area for
Grey Crystals
Product Cup Barneys for
Barney’s Bag
Wicked Roots for
Vapostar for
Glass Cup THSeeds for
Green Devil Zong 
Best Booth Barneys DNA Genetics The Green House