4th San Francisco Cannabis Cup4th Annual San Francisco Cannabis Cup

The San Francisco Medical Cannabis Competition is a festival centered around celebrating and comparing some of the best strains of medical cannabis available. The event is attended and sponsored by many of the great organizations that comprise the medical cannabis movement of the bay area, including: growers, dispensaries, caregivers, and most importantly, patients and supporters of medical cannabis.

The 4th Annual San Francisco Cannabis Cup featured Stephanie Tucker–community organizer and member of the Medical Marijuana Task Force–as Master of Ceremonies. The event also featured local bands, DJ’s, and prominent speakers within the movement. There was as well catered snacks, a hash bar, games, vaporizer stations with volcano vaporizers throughout the event, and tons of other awesome stuff!

All proceeds from the 4th Annual San Francisco Medical Cannabis Competition will benefit the San Francisco Chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA SF). The goal is to give ASA SF the financial stability to ensure that its members can continue in its mission to monitor, implement, and improve medical cannabis laws in California through protection and expansion of patients’ rights, using education, litigation, legislation, grassroots advocacy, and direct support of medical cannabis patients.

These are the results of the 2010 4th San Francisco Cannabis Cup





1st Boss Boss OG Kush Cannabis Strains
2nd The Green Door Granddaddy Cannabis Strains
2nd The Green Cross Collective Kryptonite Cannabis Strains
2nd   The Green Cross Collective   Exotic Purple   Cannabis Strains
 2nd   Island in The Sky   Allen Wrench   Cannabis Strains
3rd   Santa Cruz Collective   Jack Herer   Cannabis Strains
3rd EarthGreenCali Farms Jack Herer   Cannabis Strains
3rd S.F.M.C.G Dutch Treat #5 (aka Dutch Crunch) Cannabis Strains
1st   The Green Cross Collective   Frosty Hash Oil   Concentrates
1st    Vapor Room Cooperative   Blue Moon Rocks (Blue Dreams x Space Queen)   Concentrates
2nd The Green Door G-18 Hash Concentrates
3rd The Green Cross Collective Sour Diesel Kief Concentrates
1st Bhang of California Chocolate Company Bhang Medical Cannabis Dark Chocolate Bar Edibles
2nd Auntie Dolores Auntie Dolores  Chili Lime Peanuts Edibles
2nd David MacFadden Buddies Peanut Butter Pucks Edibles
3rd Shawn Polly Hash on the Mountain Top Lollipop Edibles

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