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In “Peace & Love” Milo (Big Buddha) Yung.. <3
With more than 35 years growing knowledge between Big Buddha’s crew, and having traveled around the world collecting new genetics they made the decision to start a seed company, Big Buddha seeds the first release was the Big Buddha Cheese. This specific strain is the pinnacle of cannabis breeding today, setting new standards and introducing a new line of genetic material to the world, the BBC takes 8 โ€“ 10 weeks to flower and is consistently a much better yield than the original cheese however flavour and taste is not lost at all , if there is any variants, you will not be disappointed by the flavour of the old skool, highly resinous, Afghan again another unique taste but the high is real special. Big Buddha Seeds believe that they are the next new generation of breeders and will be introducing new genetic lines to the cannabis world.


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