2014 – ’16th Higlife Cup’ –>> Held at Cannabis Liberation Day in Amsterdam
On Sunday June 15th, the VOC (Union for the Abolition of Cannabis Prohibition) presents the sixth edition of Cannabis Liberation Day. The venue this year was Amsterdam’s lovely Flevopark and, the entrance was free!

The main goal was to celebrate the international cannabis culture and show how much this extraordinary plant has to offer to mankind. At the same time we send a signal to the Dutch government: down with the tourist ban for coffeeshops (still enforced in the south of the Netherlands) and all other repressive measures against cannabis. It’s time for legalization.

More than 6000 visitors enjoyed a diversity of performances, speakers and as well as a large hemp market in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Two new catagories where added to this years Highlife Cup, Kush Strains and Medical Cannabis (high CBD content).

Highlife Cup 2014 goes to Devil’s Harvest Seeds for Rollex OG Kush

These are the results of the 2014 HighLife Cup



1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Medical Cannabis

  Dutch Passion 
Serious Seeds
Coffeeshop ‘t Bunkertje, Apeldoorn
White Widow Medical


  Coffeeshop Missouri, Maastricht
Paradise Seeds
Coffeeshop Cremers, The Hague 
White Widow


  Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck, The Hague
Casey Jones
Coffeeshop ‘t Bunkertje, Apeldoorn
Blue Mystic
Coffeeshop Mississippi, Maastricht
Strawberry Diesel

Kush strains  

  Devils Harvest
Rollex OG Kush
Coffeeshop Mississippi Maastricht 
Candy Kush

Coffeeshop Kosbor Maastricht
Candy Kush 


  Roxy Coffeeshop Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck, The Hague
Blue Shark First Flush
Amnesia Hash 

Haze Hydro

  Kera Seeds 
AMG Haze
Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck, The Hague
White Amnesia 
Coffeeshop The Penguin, Arnhem
Amnesia Haze

Haze Bio

  Royal Queen Seeds
Shining Silver Haze
Coffeeshop ‘t Bunkertje,  Apeldoorn
Amnesia Haze 

Coffeeshop Kosbor, Maastricht
Neville’s A5 Haze




Sensi Seeds
Super Skunk Auto

Dizzy Duck Seeds
Purple Orange Auto

Dutch Passion
Auto Frisian Dew

Hash Extract


Serious Seeds
AK-47 Iceolator


Coffeeshop Missouri, Maastricht
Pure White Ice





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