The Dab-a-Doo competitions are hosted by Mila Jansen, aka the Hash Queen.

Extract artists from around the world compete in quest for the best hash and concentrates.

Entries are categorized as ‘Solvent’ (hash made using butane, CO2 or other extraction methods) or ‘Non-Solvent’.

Mila’s 10th Dab-a-Doo event took take place in Amsterdam, on December 4, 2015. Here’s the winners.

1st Place
–  Candy Kush by Cannabis Social Club (CSC), Barcelona
2nd Place – Barb Rosin by House of the Great Gardener
3rd Place – Blueberry Haze Flower Rosin by Robert Carroll, Cannamed

1st Place – OG Hunter by Oil Hunters, Dr.Feis
2nd Place – Mother of all Dawg by Kippax Concentrates
3rd Place – NL5 Haze by Club Anesthesia Barcelona