The Blazers Cup 2015 was held in December, in San Bernardino, CA.

The competition featured over 200 submissions of the finest flowers, edibles, concentrates and vapes from California’s premier medical marijuana growers, breeders, edible chefs and extract artists.

These are the winners.

Best Sativa

1st place: Clementine by New Amsterdam Naturals and CannaStarCA

2nd place:  Private Reserve Tangie by The Vault Seed Bank

3rd place: Tangie by Buddies / Cannabiotex

Best Indica

1st place: Limon by Cali Kush Farms / The Kind Center

2nd place: Kosher Kush by New Amsterdam Naturals and CannaStarCA

3rd place: Wonder G by Pasadena Alternative Care Co Op / Wonderbrett

Best Hybrid

1st place: Cherry Pie by Buddies by Canabiotex

2nd place: Glue #4 by Top Shelf Cultivation

3rd place: Hell Raiser x Face on Fire by The Vault Seed Bank

Best Concentrate – Sativa

1st place: Trumps Hair Glue #4 By New Amsterdam Naturals and Moxie 710

2nd place:  XJ13 by Quality Concentrates

3rd place: Sour Diesel x Chem Dog by Dabblicious Extracts / Hashy Larry with Ahhs Weho Alternative Health Services

Best Concentrate – Indica

1st place: 727 OG by CannaStarCA and New Amsterdam Naturals with Dabblicos Extracts/ Hashy Larry

2nd place: Martian Candy OG by Carnival Klown Extracts

3rd place: Ahhhs Brand OG by Ahhhs Weho Alternative Health Services

Best Edible

1st place: Teriyaki OG by DTPC / Uncle Ronnies

2nd place:  Carmel marshmallow bar by Muffin Man / Kindcenter

3rd place: Red Velvet Ice Cream Cup Cupcakes by Made with Love Medibles

Best Topical

1st place: Princezz Reserve OG Lotion Blue Bottle

2nd place: De la Beuh Topical Balm

3rd place: Canmarub by Andras Assefa / Lions Share

Best Vape

1st place: The Truth by Heavy Hitters

2nd place: Velvet By Vegan Buddha and New Amsterdam Naturals

3rd place: Alien Tahoe by Shattertanks

Best New Product

1st place: King Luis pack by King Luis OG

2nd place: Zasp Drink by Navarro.

3rd place: Coffee by Ganja Grinds


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