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The 1st Karma Cup

The first edition of The Karma Cup was held in Toronto, Canada in November 2014.

These are the winners of 2014 The Karma Cup!

Best Sativa
1st Place – Ambrosia by The Green Canvas
2nd Place – Janita La Lagrimosa by Pedro
3rd Place – Blue Cheese by Jordan of the Islands

Best Indica
1st Place – Special Kush by Pedro
2nd Place – Rockstar Kush (medman) by TS
3rd Place – LA Confidential by London Compassion

Best Hybrid
1st Place – Lindsay OG by Cannabis in Canada
2nd Place – Querkle by Alchemy Extracts
3rd Place – 91Krypt by Alchemy Extracts

Best Solvent
1st Place – White Jack by Beard Bros Concentrate
2nd Place – MK Ultra by Growers Paradise
3rd Place – White Rhino by The Beard Bros Concentrate

Best Non-Solvent
1st Place – Hard Candy Dry-Sift Joint by Shwa & Sarah Sunday
2nd Place – Barb 92 Sift by House of the Great Gardener
3rd Place – Atomic Haze by London Compassion Society

Best Edible
1st Place – Buds & Bolts by Sweet Freak Bakery
2nd Place – Banana Loaf by SweetTreats
3rd Place – Cookie Burger by Puff