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The Karma Cup 2015

The 2nd edition of the annual Karma Cup 2015 was held the weekend of October 16-18, 2015 in downtown Toronto.

These are the winners of the 2015 Karma Cup!

Best Sativa
1st Place – True Ocean Grown Organic by Beard Bros
2nd Place – Lemon Lime Jones by West Hill Runners Club
3rd Place – Cinderella 99 by Sarah Sunday

Best Indica
1st Place – BC RockStar by Cannabis Extractions
2nd Place – Lindsay OG by Liberty Farms / Cannabis Growers of Canada
3rd Place – SR-71 Purple Kush by Sarah Sunday

Best Hybrid
1st Place – Blackwater by MedMariCapo
2nd Place – Deep Purple by The Green Monkey
3rd Place – GCG Green Crack God by Cannabis Extractions

Best Solventless
1st Place – Kushberry CO2 by Phyto Extracts
2nd Place – Grapefruit by London Compassion Society
3rd Place – GG1 Rosin Jelly by House of the Great Gardener

Best Wax
1st Place – Island Berry by Beard Brothers
2nd Place – True OG Organic by Beard Bros
3rd Place  – Atomic Cookies by Thompson Caribou

Best Shatter
1st Place – Rhino Haze by Beard Bros
2nd Place – Grape Ape by Beard Bros
3rd Place – Purple Kush by Medical Shatter Master

Best Edible
1st Place – Chocolate Covered Honey Roasted Granola
2nd Place – Cherry Bombs by Green Angel Herbals
3rd Place – Green Tea Ginseng by Mary’s Java

Best Topical
1st Place – Pain BeGone Icy / Hot Canna Gel
2nd Place – Cannatropic Natural Sun Shield SPF 30
3rd Place – MAGICream by Green Angel Herbals

Best Glass
1st Place – Internal Drain Recycler by JonK Glass
2nd Place – ERL-710 by Chinaman Glass
3rd Place – Infinite POssibility by Mimzy Glass