Prairie Medicinal Cannabis Cup 2016

The winners of the 2016 Prairie Medical Cannabis Cup (PMHC)


1st Place – Cheese X Kush – Private Grower (E)

2nd Place – Gape Gum – Whole Leaf Healing Tree (B)

3rd Place – Rockstar – Private Grower (D)


1st Place – Alien Kracker – The Natty Roots Seed Co. (B)

2nd Place – Strawberry Kush – Canuck Chronic Gardener (C)

3rd Place – Lady Bug OG – Phat Pharmer (A)


1st Place – Super Silver Haze – Dave Elder (B)

2nd Place – Power Plant “Heisenberg Cut” from Dutch Passion – Cannacopeia Consulting (C)

3rd Place – Sugar Jack – Budbuddy’s Private Grower (E)


1st Place – Terpfire – Pink Tuna (H)

2nd Place – Terpfire – Big Budda Cheese (I)

3rd Place – Kind Selections – Strawberry White Cookie (G)