Secret Cup

The Secret Cup 2017

These are the winners of The Secret Cup, held in January 2017!


1st Overall and Best Non Solvent #20 Zkittlez Rozin by Fieldz from the Terp Hogz

2nd Overall and Best Solvent #21 Biker Kush Shatter from Karma Genetics

3rd Overall #22 Peach Ringz Rosin – 3rd Gen Family Farms x Moonshine Melts

Best Budder #15 The Bhoyz with Forbidden Jilly Fruit HCFSE

Conoisseur’s Choice

#14 Terp Team Official – NA


1st Overall – for the second year in a row #38 Supreme OG from Supreme OG

2nd Overall – #33 Jerp OG from Jerpponicx Delivery Service

3rd Overall and the Soil to Oil Award – #36 Blazing Ape OG from The Blazing Ape


1st Overall Baked Duck x KC Concentrates – Jelly Donut Fudge Bar

2nd Overall Big Daddy’s Edibles – Craisin Crazy Cookie

3rd Overall Calvin and Globz – Cookies and Cream Cake Pop

Test Results

High THC 84.5% THC #16 P.E.A.C.E. Oil Pineapple Express 10* Rosin

High CBD with 82.02% CBD Ringos Gift Sap by White Buffalo Extracts x Miller Creek Farms x Sohum Seeds

High Terps with 137.4mg of terps was #15 The Bhoyz with Forbidden Jilly Fruit HCFSE


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