Bio Cup 2017 poster

Bio Cup 2017

The Cup took place in Barcelona from Friday 2 of June till Sunday 4 of June 2017.

In addition to the great lectures on Bio Philosophy, the event was full of entertainment, music, organic food and cannabis.

These are the Winners!

Best Indica
1st place: Ugorg – Ugorg Cookies
2nd place: Aca Green Power – Jacob x Skunk
3rd place: No Joke – CBD Dark Moon

Best Sativa
1st place: Aca Green Power – Amnesia
2nd place: Ugorg – Premier Sweet
3rd place: Shaigon – Amnesia

Best Extrations
1st place: Greenardo – Ice Def Star
2nd place: 23 Oil – Wax Mango OG
3rd place: Medical Seeds – Sugar Wax Live Resin Y Griega