Copa Cannabica Del Plata 2018

The Copa del Plata in Argentina has become a prestigious event in the world of cannabis, solidifying its position as one of the country’s most important cannabis cups.

Since its 2002 inception, it celebrates Argentina’s rich cannabis culture, showcasing local talent, and promoting unique strains. Participants compete in categories like Best Sativa and Best Indica, fostering excellence in cannabis production.

Beyond competition, the Copa fosters education and community engagement through seminars and workshops. It serves as a platform for local producers to gain recognition and connect with consumers and professionals. Additionally, the Copa promotes Argentina’s tourism by attracting visitors eager to explore the country’s diverse cannabis offerings. As Argentina’s premier cannabis cup, the Copa del Plata elevates the country’s standing in the global cannabis market, contributing to de-stigmatization and normalization while showcasing Argentina’s potential as a key player in the industry.

This is the Champion of the 2018 Copa Cannabica Del Plata!

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