Dutch Flowers Cup

Dutch Flowers Cup- Stay Home 2020

The Dutch Flowers Cup is an Amsterdam cannabis event hosted by the Dutch Flowers Magazine. Check out all the results of this Second Special Edition: Stay Home 2020.

These are the results of the Dutch Flowers Cup 2020


1st Prize

2nd Place

3rd Place

Best Indica UGC for
‘Purple Punch’
Het Ballonntje for
‘Pink Runtz’
The Corner for
‘Mango Kush’
Best Sativa Greenhouse Secret Farmers for
‘Karels Haze’
Greenplace for
Mary Jane for
‘G13 x Northern Lights’
Best Hybrid Greenhouse Secret Farmers for
‘Dreams Gold’
Dutch Passion for
Mokums Tulip’
UGC Official for
‘Dos Si Dos’
Best Imported Flower Club 69
Johnny Dabb for
‘Pink Runtz’
Greenhouse Secret Farmers for
Best Solvent Skysports Extracts
for ‘Pink Panties’
Johnny Dabb 710 for
‘Papaya Punch Crumble’
Johnny Dabb 710 for
‘White Fire OG’
Best Rosin Johnny Dabb  Premium Swiss for
Fresh Flowers for
‘Fresh Frozen Orange’
Best Traditional Hash Greenplace for
Mary Jane for
‘King Hassan’
The Corner for
‘Strawberry Banana’
Best Nederhash Greenhouse Secret Farmers
for ‘Cheese Dawg’
for ‘KK’
Premium Swiss
for ‘CBD Crumble’
Best Edibles Nice Things For Nice People
for ‘White Chocolate Bar with Cranberry’
for ‘Chocolate CBD Cake’
The Corner
for ‘Oma’s Rainbow Cake’
Best Blund The Corner for
‘Dam Woods / Shoreline’
Greenhouse Secret Farmers for
‘Dreams Gold’
Relax for
‘Amazon Kush’
Best Designer Product Relax for
Relax for
Shells Oils for