Craft Cannabis Cup

The 1st Craft Cannabis Cup 2020

The first-ever Craft Cannabis Cup presented awards in 15 categories, including best flower and best edible. The Washington Sungrowers Industry Association (WSIA), representing cannabis producers and processors statewide, honored over 30 members for their achievements.

Director Crystal Oliver highlighted the importance of building camaraderie among industry players and preserving artisanal producers. Over 30 experienced judges, including store owners, budtenders, and influencers, evaluated entries, collectively offering 500+ years of cannabis insight. Categories assessed product quality and cultivation methods like outdoor, greenhouse, and light deprivation.

The association’s Sun Cup, held annually for three years, celebrates Washington’s diverse cannabis offerings, with plans underway for this year’s event. Entries and judge applications are encouraged. Proceeds from the Craft Cannabis Cup support the association’s legislative advocacy.

These are the winners!

Best full-term sungrown flower
1st Place: Rolexx, Eagle Trees
2nd Place: Sunshine No. 4, Wildwood Flower Farm
3rd Place: Kill Kenny, CannaSol Farms

Best light-dep sungrown flower
1st Place: Slurricane, Lazy Bee Gardens
2nd Place: Dutch Royale, Eagle Trees
3rd Place: Mimosa, First Light

Best CBD flower
1st Place: Harlequin, Washington Bud Company
2nd Place: Frida, Raven
3rd Place: Sour Tsunami, Lazy Bee Gardens

Best indoor and greenhouse-grown flower
1st Place: Tropicana Cookies, Good Good Garden
2nd Place: Dutch Treat Haze and Afghani Hash Plant, Washington Bud Company

Best infused joint
1st Place: Diamond Tips, Gold Leaf and Polar Icetracts
2nd Place: Trifecta, Puffin Farm
3rd Place: CO2 Live Resin and Kief Coated Super Joint, CannaSol Farms

Best solvent-free rosin
1st Place: Malibu Marsha, No Mids
2nd Place: Sour Garlic Cookies, No Mids
3rd Place: Kanaka Kush, Gold Leaf and Polar Icetracts

Best CBD cartridge
1st Place: Remedy, Puffin Farms
2nd Place: My Sunshine and Cosmic Charlie, Raven

Best THC cartridge
1st Place: Wedding Cake, Lazy Bee Gardens
2nd Place: Garlic Mushroom Onion, Yield Farms
3rd Place: Albino Koala, Raven

Best dab
1st Place: Mochi Gelato, Lefties Cannabis Co
2nd Place: Gorilla Unglued, Lefties Cannabis Co
3rd Place: Mac & Cheese, Gorge Gold

Best preroll
1st Place: Smokes Lavender Kush, Raven
2nd Place: Double Lemon Cheesecake, CannaSol Farms
3rd Place: Blueberry, Golden Leaf

Best topical
1st Place: Solace, Green Revolution
2nd Place: Canis Soothing Liniment, Washington Bud Company
3rd Place: Intimate Lubricant, Green Revolution

Best savory edible
1st Place: Lori’s Roasted Garlic Potato Chips, Craft Elixirs
2nd Place: Lori’s Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Potato Chips, Craft Elixirs

Best CBD edible
1st Place: Pioneer Squares Sour Cherry, Sour Elixirs
2nd Place: Turn On: Remarkable High CBD Spray, Green Revolution

Best tincture
1st Place: Finest Cannabis Tincture Beauty Sleep, Green Revolution
2nd Place: Avocado Oil-Based Tincture 1:1 and Finest Cannabis Tincture Journey Sativa, Green Revolution

Best sweet edible
1st Place: Mixed Flavor Doozies, Green Revolution
2nd Place: Green Baker’s Gluten Free Cookies, Green Revolution
3rd Place: Lori’s Sweet Potato Chips, Craft Elixirs