Copa Cannabica Mexico

Copa Cannabica México 2020

Copa México

These are the winners!

Indoor Flowers
1st Place: The Originals – Oaksterdam
2nd Place: Boutique Organics – Richest Runts
3rd Place: Grizzly Peak – Chronic OG

Outdoor Flowers
1st Place: Wero Chronic – Orange Sunshine
2nd Place: Michoacán – Amnezia Gabo
3rd Place: Fernando Tlaxcala – Papaya

1st Place: Cannatreats – Chewy Taffies
2nd Place: Secret Sweet Society – Tamarind Duo Gummy
3rd Place: Duke – Triple Chocolate Mint Cookie

1st Place: 710 Dhomex – Tropical Day Dream
2nd Place: Waxelicious – Golden Pineapple
3rd Place: Sunset – Strawberry Lemonade

1st Place: Happy Chaos – Guaya Cream
2nd Place: Alquimia – Orange Ooo
3rd Place: Mexa OG – OG

1st Place: Grizzly Peak – Chig Lee Og
2nd Place: Trópico – Berry White
3rd Place: N/A – Sunset