Farallones Medical Cannabis Cup – IV Edition – Copa Cannabica Farallones 2021

Held on 28, 29, 30, 31 March & 1 April in Santiago de Cali, Colombia.

These are the winners of the Copa Cannabica Farallones 2021

Best Sativa
1st Place: Lemon Tree – Alto Jardin
2nd Place: Pellezino – Lucky OG Seeds

Best Indica
1st Place: Zkittlez – Alto Jardin
2nd Place: Purple Punch – Killacultiva

Best Extractions with Solvents
1st Place: Critical Tangerine / Live Resin – Folklore
2nd Place: Amnesia Kush / THCA Crystallized with Sauce – Fania All Xtracts

Best Extractions Solvents Free
1st Place: Kinder Fire / Live Rosin -Alto Jardin
2nd Place: Gelatto / Flower Rosin – Rayas Extracts

Best Edibles 
1st Place: Pineapple Lemonchelo – Fania All Xtracts
2nd Place: Mantequilla de Perejil – Ana Folklore Mexico