HT Cannabis Cup Peoples Choice

2021 High Times Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice Michigan

The digital Awards Show took place on 8th July 2021

The High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan: People’s Choice Edition is aimed to identify and award the best cannabis products in all of Michigan, all across a wide range of different categories, all to be judged by the people of Michigan.

These are the winners of the 2021 High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan!

Rec Indica Flower Winners
First Place: LocalGrove – MAC 1
Second Place: Cloud Cover – Wookie Girl ’91
Third Place: Superior Selections – Holy Clifton

Rec Sativa Flower Winners
First Place: Heavyweight Heads – Orangutan
Second Place: LocalGrove – Trufflez
Third Place: Pure Options – Moonbow 112

Rec Hybrid Flower Winners
First Place: LocalGrove – Runtz
Second Place: Cloud Cover – Frozen Dessert
Third Place: Pure Options – Rainbow Belts

Rec Pre-Rolls Winners
First Place: Pure Options – Moonbow 112 Pre-Roll
Second Place: Cloud Cover – StrawNana Pre-Roll
Third Place: LocalGrove – Runtz Pre-Roll

Concentrates Winners
First Place: Cloud Cover – Queso Perro Badder
Second Place: Redbud Roots – Bio Cheese Hash Rosin
Third Place: Candela – Purple Punch Live Rosin Crumble

Rec Vape Pens Winners
First Place: The Clear – Blue Razz Vape
Second Place: Element Pure Live – Cherry Pie Live Resin Cartridge
Third Place: Lightsky Farms x Real Leaf Solutions – Lilac Diesel Vape

Rec Edibles: Gummies Winners
First Place: Afternoon Delite – Blue Lemonade Fruit Bombs
Second Place: True North Confections – Strawberry FieldsGummies
Third Place: Mindy’s – Glazed Orange Clementine Gummy

Rec Edibles: Non-Gummies Winners
First Place: KIVA – Churro Milk Chocolate Bar
Second Place: Dream Edibles – Cosmic Caramel Sea Salt Bon Bons
Third Place: High Life Farms – Mint Cookies & Cream Bar

Rec Topicals + Tinctures + Capsules
First Place: Michigan Organic Rub x Pincanna – Vanilla Mint Extra Releaf Rub
Second Place: Chill Medicated – Extreme Rub 750mg THC: 250mg
Third Place: Zilla’s x Lightsky Farms – Blue Botanic Balm

Med Flower Winner
First Place: LocalGrove – Runtz
Second Place: Empire – Lemon Cherry Gelato
Third Place: Pure options – Moonbow 112

Med Pre-Rolls Winners
First Place: LocalGrove – Runtz Pre-Roll
Second Place: Empire – Space Runtz Pre-Roll
Third Place: Pure Options – garlic Breath Pre-Roll

Med Edibles Winners
First Place: Covert Cups – Take 420 Cups
Second Place: True North Confections – Electric Watermelon Gummies
Third Place: Afternoon Delite – Strawberry Banana Orange Fruit Chews

Hemp-Derived CBD Winners
First Place: Zilla’s – Michigan Raw Honey – Peach
Second Place: Orange County CBD – CBD Gummy Bears
Third Place: Rogue Origin – Lifter CBD Flower

Watch here the full Digital Awards Show.