HT Cannabis Cup Peoples Choice

High Times Cannabis Cup NorCal 2021 

The High Times Cannabis Cup NorCal: People’s Choice 2021 – Digital Awards Show on August 29th 2021.

These are the Winners!

Indica Flower Winners
First Place: Atrium Cultivation – Juice Z
Second Place: LitHouse – Runtz
Third Place: Top-Shelf Cultivation – Whoa-Si-Whoa

Sativa Flower Winners
First Place: Garcia Hand Picked – Super Lemon Haze
Second Place: Sovereign – Mother’s Milk
Third Place: Green Dragon – 80#s Baby

Hybrid Flower Winners
First Place: Sovereign – Miracle Alien Cookies
Second Place: Sense – Rainbow Chip
Third Place: UMMA Sonoma – Apples & Bananas

Sungrown Flower Winners
First Place: Fumé – Dank Fruit
Second Place: Phinest Cannabis – Fresh Squeeze
Third Place: High Supply – Gordo

Pre-Rolls Winners
First Place: Cream of the Crop – Diamond Barrel Infused Pre-Roll
Second Place: Kingpen – kush mints x Dark Knight Diamond – Roll 
Third Place: Sovereign – Solvenrless Mother’s Milk Fatso Geode Pre-Roll

Solvent Concentrates Winners
First Place: URSA Extracts – Orange Creamsicle Diamond Holy Water
Second Place: Mohave Gold – Zkittlez Monts Badder
Third Place: Gold Drop – Orange Fruity Pebbles Diamond Badder

Non-Solvent Concentrates Winners
First Place: Holy Water x Grandiflora x Oakfruitland – UNHOLY Piña Acai Live Rosin
Second Place: Jetty Extracts – Garlic Cookies Solventless Cold Cure 90u
Third Place: CritiCal x DNA Genetics –  Ztrawberriez Live Rosin

Sativa Vape Pens Winners
First Place: Dripp – Grape Soda Sativa Vape
Second Place: Buddies – Berry Jane – Sativa Vape
Third Place: Dime Industries – Mango Diesel Sativa Vape

Indica Vape Pens Winners
First Place: Kingpen – Zookies Indica Vape
Second Place: Jetty Extracts – Banana Creme Solventless Indica Vape
Third Place: CLSICS – GMO x Silver Grape Solventless Indica Vape

Edibles: Gummies Winners
First Place: Green Revolution – Doozies Mango Chile Gummies 
Second Place: Kanha – 1:1:1 CBN Tranquility Gummies
Third Place: Sensi – Bedtime Blueberry Melatonin Gummies

Edibles: Non-Gummies Winners
First Place: Bhang – Ice Chocolate Bar
Second Place: KIVA: Lost Farm – Blue Dream Blueberry Live resin Fruit Chews
Third Place: Dollar Dose – Fruit Punch Lozenge

Edibles: Beverages Winners
First Place: Manzanita Naturals – The Fizz Infused Cola
Second Place: House of Saka – Spark Mimosa
Third Place: Wunder – Sessions Grapefruit Hibiscus Beverage

Topicals + Tinctures + Capsules Winners
First Place: Dr. Raw Organics – Relax Formula Twist Up Topical Balm
Second Place: THC Living – Freeze 1:1 Cold Therapy Roll-On
Third Place: Select – Squeeze Hint of Sweet Beverage Tincture