Copa Del Rey 2021

Copa del Rey 2021

VI Edition Copa del Rey Bogotá, Colombia. National Home Growers meeting and championship. – 14th & 15th August 2021.

These are the winners!

Best Flower Outdoor
1st Place: Chappie Grow – Big Bull
2nd Place: Kusho Elevado – Cherry Punch
3rd place: Jonesie OG – Cherry Bomb

Best Flower Indoor
1st Place: Jonesie OG – White Fire OG
2nd Place: Kusho Elevado – Cherry Punch
3rd place: Killa Cultiva – Purple Punch

Best Solvent Extraction
1st Place: Jhonny Grasas – Desconocida Kush
2nd Place: Andres Pinzon – Tangie
3rd place: Chappie Grow – Uranai Babba

Best Mechanical Extraction
1st Place: Kusho Elevado – Tropsanto
2nd Place: Fania All Xtracts – Tangelato
3rd place: 11:11 Extractions – 11:11