2021 HT Cannabis Cup Illinois People's Choice Edition
High Times Cannabis Cup Illinois 2021: People’s Choice Edition
Winners announced on Sunday 5 of December.

These are the Winners!

Best Indica Flower

1st place: Revolution Cannabis – Blueberry Clementine
2nd place: Seed & Strain – Velvet Glove
3rd place: Aeriz – Ice Cream Cake

Best Sativa Flower
1st place: Revolution Cannabis – Mac & Cheese (Spicy Papaya Cut)
2nd place: Cresco – Lemon Bean
3rd place: Triple 7 – Tropical Runtz

Best Hybrid Flower
1st place: Triple 7 – Rainbow Runtz
2nd place: Revolution Cannabis – Banana Runtz
3rd place: Aeriz – Jenny Kush

Best Pre-Rolls
1st place: NuEra – Day Dreamz Dubble Joints
2nd place: Seed & Strain – Cherry Chem Pre-Roll
3rd place: Aeriz – Gorilla Cookies Pre-Roll

Best Concentrates
1st place: Revolution Cannabis – Blueberry Clementine Live Resin
2nd place: Bedford Grow – Highwayman Live Resin
3rd place: Aeriz – Bundy OG Budder

Best Vape Pens
1st place: Select – Ray Charles Elite Live Resin Vape
2nd place: Revolution Cannabis – Florida Orange Terp Tank
3rd place: Ozone – Larry Bird Live Resin Airo pod Vape

Best Edibles: Gummies
1st place: Bedford Grow – Strawberry Lemonade Gems
2nd place: Sweet Releaf – Sour Watermelon Gems
3rd place: Revolution Cannabis – Assorted indica Gummies

Best Edibles: Non-Gummies
1st place: Bedford Grow – Caramels
2nd place: Bhang – Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar
3rd place: Revolution Cannabis – Spring Lake Lemonade Surp


Watch here the full Digital Awards Show.