Rooster Cup THC Classic

Rooster Cup THC Classic 2022

For those not familiar with the THC Classic, it’s Colorado’s largest blind-judging competition to determine which dispensaries and wholesalers top the list of best products of 2022. 

These are the winners of the 2022 THC Classic!

Grand Champion
1st Place: Spherex – Luxe Live – Venom OG

1st Place: Golden Leaf – Lemon Poison
2nd Place: Den-Rec – Animal Face Mints
3rd Place: Terrapin Care Station – Sour Garlic Cookies

1st Place: Billo Premium Cannabis – Banana MAC
2nd Place: Den-Rec – Banana Cream
3rd Place: High Level Health – Fruity Pebbles Treats

1st Place: Golden Leaf – Dry Ice
2nd Place: Den-Rec – Slapz
3rd Place: Green Tree Medicinals – Furious George

1st Place: Skunk WeRX – Orange Cookie Kush
2nd Place: Nectarbee – Trifecta
3rd Place: Den-Rec – Animal Face Mints

Cured Concentrates
1st Place: Infusiasm – #HASH Shatter: Pull and Snap Cherry Diesel #1
2nd Place: Outlaw Cannabis x Concentrate Supply Co. (CSC) – Purple Sunset #4 Wax
3rd Place: Loud Labs – Lemonage-a-trois Budder

Live Resin
1st Place: Kush Masters LLC – Forever Fruit Live Diamonds
2nd Place: Billo Premium Cannabis – Durban Diesel Diamonds and Sauce
3rd Place: Gold Rush Extracts – Sundae Driver Live Resin

1st Place: SUMMIT – Strawberry Banana Live Rosin
2nd Place: Kush Masters LLC – Wedding Pie Live Rosin
3rd Place: Sunshine Extracts – Heirloom Kush Rosin Batter

1st Place: Olio – GuavaZ #5
2nd Place: Äkta – Blackberry Octane 90-micron Live Heads
3rd Place: The Greenery Hash Factory – Moroccan Hash

Hemp Derived CBD Products
1st Place: Metta Hemp Company – Live CBD Vape Cart
2nd Place: Soul Grown Farms – Rosemary Mint Foot Cream
3rd Place: Steve’s Goods – Strawnana CBD Wax

CBD-THC Products
1st Place: Green Treets – Relax CBD Sugar
2nd Place: Blue Kudu – Blue Kudu 1:1 Merry Berry Gummies
3rd Place: Kanha Cannabis Infused Gummies – Kanha Tranquility 1:1:1 Sleep

1st Place: Escape Artists – Live Resin Infused Pre-Roll (Sativa)
2nd Place: Eureka – Papaya Punch x Red Delicious LR
3rd Place: The Clear – TWAX – Blueberry

Disposable Vapes
1st Place: MILE HIGH XTRACTIONS – Pre ’98 Bubba Kush
2nd Place: Billo Premium Cannabis – Live Nectar Disposable – Grapple x Jealousy
3rd Place: Sano Gardens – Lively Lime – Orchard Vape

Distillate Vapes
1st Place: O.pen – O.pen Daily Strains – Strawberry Cheesecake
2nd Place: Lucky Turtle – Gorilla Cookies
3rd Place: The Clear – Golden Goat

Flavored Vapes
1st Place: The Clear – Lime Sorbet
2nd Place: Concentrate Supply Co. (CSC) – Strawberry Banana – FRUIT VAPE
3rd Place: Nectarbee – Super Lemon Haze CO2 Flavored Vape

Solventless Vapes
1st Place: Lazercat – Papaya Melonz Solventless Rosin Cartridges
2nd Place: Sunshine Extracts – Push Pops
3rd Place: Northern Standard – Tropicanna Cookies Live Rosin

1st Place: Güd Tymz – Güd Tymz Jello Shots
2nd Place: Hot Box Mix – Brownie Mix
3rd Place: Kind Love – Turbocore