O'Cannabiz Awards Gala

The O’Cannabiz Industry Awards Gala is a national annual event honoring cannabis professionals and companies and recognizing excellence and innovation in our industry.
The 2022 Edition was held in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) on Wednesday 1 June 2022.

These are the Winners!


Best New Start-Up: Cannabis Xpress

Best News Source: The Growthop / Postmedia

Best Marketing Campaign: Burner Hotline (SMS text marketing campaign)

Green Deed(s) Awards: Tantalus Labs

Brand of the Year:  Boveda

Licensed Producer of the Year:  Auxly Cannabis Group

Best Software:  Elevated Signals

Best Lab Testing Facilities:  High North Laboratories

Best Security Service:  ABC Security Access Systems

Best Lab Equipment:  Thermo Fisher Scientific / Rad Source Technologies

Best Supplier / Distributor:  ND Supplies

Best Packaging Equipment:  Preroll – Er

Best PR / Advertising Agency:  Marigold Marketing & PR

Best Engineering Firm: D’Anterior Corp

Best Business Consultancy: David Hyde / Cannanavigators / Hyde Advisory



Cannabis Person of the Year:  Raj Grover

Outstanding Educator or Institution of the Year:  NACPT

Scientific Researcher or Facility:  LABSTAT

Medical Cannabis Professional of the Year:  Dr. Caroline A. Maccallum

Social Media Influencer of the Year:  Jacqui Childs

Attorney of the Year:  Ranjeev Dhillon

Best Activist / Advocate of the Year:  CY Williams



Best Customer Service:  Tokyo Smoke

Best Cannabis Clinic:  Hybrid Pharm

Best Top Retail Store 9Single Location) :  Calyx & Trichomes

Best Storefront Branding:  Tokyo Smoke Rideau

Best Retail Chain:  Fire & Flower

Best Retail Interior Design:  Seven Point Interiors

Best Budtender:  Alana Gross Cannista Friendly Stranger

Best POS / CRM Software:  Cova Software

Best Packaging Design:  ND Supplies



Best Extraction Equipment:  Extrationtek Solutions

Best Extraction Facility / Toll Processing: Dymond Concentrates 2.0

Best Lighting Systems: AUVL

Best Trimming Equipment:  Greenbroz

Best Growing Medium:  Medicoir

Best Seed Bank:  Humboldt Seed Company

Best Hydroponics System:  MTL Cannabis

Best HOme Grow Package:  Bluesky Organics

Best Cannabis Nutrients Product:  Remo Nutrients

Best HVAC & Ventilation Systems: Agroair

Best Water Filtration System:  Vanden Bussche Irrigation and Equipment LTD

Best Disinfection and Pest Control Services:  Koppert



Favorite Product of the Year:  Dymond Concentrates – Caviar

Favorite Vaporizer:  Dart – X by CCELL

Favorite Accessory:  Levo II Herbal Oil Infuser

Favorite Flower:  Farm Gas by North 40 Cannabis

Favorite Edible Product:  Spinach

Favorite Infuse Beverages:  Keef Brand Bubba Kush Root Beer

Favorite retail Store or Medical Clinic:  Cannacabana – Toronto – Queen Street E

Favorite CBD & Topicals:  Beacon Medical CBD Cream / Nuveev Soothe Nourishing Hand Treatment

Favorite Capsules, Extracts, Concentrates: Dymond Concentrates 2.0 – Dos Si Dos