Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup

Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup 2022 – The Final Edition

2022 heralds the 10th and final edition of the PMHC.

These are the winners of the last Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup

Indica (Pure):
1st Place: Flo (TerpFire)
2nd Place: Rock Star (Private Medical Grower)
3rd Place: Lindsay OG (Private Medical Grower) 

Sativa (Dominant):
1st Place: Gravy [Strawberry Sour D x White OG CROSS] (TerpFire)
2nd Place: Grape Slurricane (Private Medical Grower)
3rd Place: Bluenana (Happy Dabber – Dave Elder) 

1st Place: Monster Skunk (Preston Bjornson)
2nd Place: Ice Cream Cookies (Private Medical Grower)
3rd Place: Oreo Skittles (Private Medical Grower) 

1st Place: Gastown Diamonds (Private Medical Grower/Extractor)
2nd Place: Papaya (Private Medical Grower/Extractor)
3rd Place: Pink Kush (Chives)