Ego Clash Invitational 2022

These are the winners!

Flower Category: 1st Place: TURTLE HERMIT “MAC1”
2nd Place: ROYAL BUDLINE “Zkittlez”
3rd Place: FIG FARMS “Blue Face”

Rosin Category: 1st Place: HERITAGE HASH CO. “Riddlez”
2nd Place: MASTER BALL MELTS “Grape Gas”
3rd Place: 3 COLD GOLD SOLVENTLESS “Soap / Waffle Cones”

Full Melt Category: 1st Place: SIMPLEEADAM “Banana God”
2nd Place: Trichome Tortoise “Super Boof”
3rd Place: YETI MELTS “Limeapple 36 / Jolly Apple / Limeheads”

Connoisseur’s Choice:
1st Place: HASH ENGINEERS “Starburst 36”
2nd Place: THE REAL CANNABIS CHRIS “Guapa Empanada De Piña 22”
3rd Place: HELIOS HASH “Candy Fumez / Tropical Fusion”