HT Cannabis Cup Peoples Choice

2022 High Times Cannabis Cup Alaska: People’s Choice Edition

October 24, 2022, Alaska

These are the Winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup Alaska: People’s Choice Edition 2022

Indica Flower
First Place: High North – Black Koffee
Second Place: Enlighten Gardens – OGKB 2.1
Third Place: Cannabaska – Ghost OG

Sativa Flower
First Place: AM Delight x Moose Gardens – Chem Dog
Second Place: Parallel 64 – Buddha
Third Place: High North – Blood Orange

Hybrid Flower
First Place: Flower Mountain Farms – Super Boof
Second Place: Cannabaska – Oreoz
Third Place: Good Cannabis – Gorilla Glue #4

Non-Infused Pre-Rolls
First Place: Good Cannabis – Blaze Orange King Pre-Roll
Second Place: Tanana Herb Co – Coco Haze Pre-Roll
Third Place: Enlighten Gardens – Tropicana Cherry Pre-Roll

Infused Pre-Rolls
First Place: Enlighten Extracts – The Ring of Fire Infused Pre-Roll
Second Place: Great Northern Cannabis – Critical Hit Infused Pre-Roll
Third Place: Einstein Labs – 10 Second Amnesia Caviar Joint

Concentrates & Extracts
First Place: Refine Alaska – Royal Gorilla Loud Resin
Second Place: AKO Farms – Yerbert x Rainbow Belts Sugar Wax
Third Place: G2 – Honey Banana Badder

Vape Pens & Cartridges
First Place: Einstein Labs – Obsession Distillate Vape
Second Place: Frog Mountain – Apple Sherbet E Sirius Pod
Third Place: Canamo – Fruity Pebbles OG Sauce E-Stick

Edibles: Gummies
First Place: Dosed Edibles Alaska – Watermelon Gummies
Second Place: Canamo – Sour Strawberry Gummies
Third Place: Stoney Moose Kitchens – Key Lime Gummy Squares

Edibles: Non-Gummies
First Place: Great Northern Cannabis – North Infusions Milk Chocolate Bar
Second Place: Stoney Moose Kitchens – Moose Nugz
Third Place: Enlighten Extracts – Chocolate Chip Cookie with Peanut Butter