High Times Cannabis Cup

The Winners of the High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice Edition 2023

CBD Tinctures & Capsules
First Place: Go The F**k To Sleep – Exhausted Peppermint Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
Second Place: The Hemp Doctor – Ultra High Octane CBD/CBG/CBN/D8 Lemon Tincture
Third Place: Gold Naturals – Tropical Orange Muscle + Joint Relief Tincture

CBD Topicals
First Place: Hatshe – Tangerine Relief Gel
Second Place: Gold Naturals – Muscle + Joint Relief Salve
Third Place: Mary’s Nutritionals – Full Spectrum Hemp Transdermal Patch

CBD Edibles
First Place: ALLIANCE – Full Spectrum Watermelon CBD Gummies
Second Place: Sweet Sensi – Blackberry Snooze Drops with Melatonin & CBD
Third Place: Rove Remedies – Wild Berry CBD Recovery Gummies

CBD Vape Pens & Concentrates
First Place: Secret Nature – Forbidden Fruit CBD Vape
Second Place: Hemp Hop – Sour Suver Haze CBD Live Sugar
Third Place: Metta Hemp – Chemdawg CBD Live Resin Vape

CBD Flower & Pre-Rolls
First Place: Stoney Branch – Blueberry Waffles CBD Flower
Second Place: Flow Gardens – Paradise OG CBD Flower
Third Place: Hemp Hop – Gorilla Haze CBD Flower

Legal Psychoactive Edible Non-Gummies
First Place: Derived Creations – D8 Coffee Caramels
Second Place: Baked Bags – Coned Strawberry Shortcake D8 Chocolate Cones
Third Place: Hometown Hero – D9+CBD Select Spectrum Cocoa Squares

Legal Psychoactive Edible Gummies
First Place: Slumpd – D9 Sour Neon Crawlers
Second Place: Brandy’s CBD – Strawberry Cream D8 Gummies
Third Place: Hometown Hero – Grand Daddy Purple Blueberry D9 Live Rosin Gummies

Legal Psychoactive Vape Pens
First Place: Urb – Watermelon Mojito Live Resin THC Blend Vape
Second Place: Kynn – Blue Dream D8 Disposable Vape
Third Place: CannaAid – 2ML Mega Blend Vape pen – Cereal Milk Strain

Legal Psychoactive Concentrates
First Place: ALLIANCE – Gas Live Terpene THC Terpsolate
Second Place: A1 Hemp Supply Co. – OG Kush Live Resin HHC Batter
Third Place: Indacloud – Apple Fritter THC-O Sugar Wax

Legal Psychoactive Pre-Rolls
First Place: Indacloud – Grapeasaurusrex D9-O Super Blunt
Second Place: Flow Gardens – Unicorn Butter Pre-Roll
Third Place: Flying Monkey – Blue Dream Heavy Hitter Infused Blunts

Legal Psychoactive Flower
First Place: Black Tie CBD – Fruity Loops THC-A High Resin Flower
Second Place: Urb – Watermelon Mojito Caviar Flower
Third Place: ALLIANCE – Lemon Cake THC Moonrocks