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The Headies Vermont Growers Cup 2023

The Awards Party took place on May 20 2023 at The Barns at Lang Farm. This year’s Homegrow categories included: Hybrid Flower, Sativa Flower, Indica Flower, Edible THC and Edible CBD.

Winners of the 2023 Annual Headies Cup!

Homegrow Flower: Hybrid
1st Place: Mike & Nora – Wedding Cake (HFH-7)
2nd Place: Trap Haus VT – Mad River Runtz (HFH-12)
3rd Place: GREENMONT Craft Cannabis Co – Zweet Inzanity (HFH-4)

Homegrow Flower: Sativa
1st Place: P.L.C – Flo (HFS-2)
2nd Place: Kismet Farm – Sugar Lemon (HFS-5)
3rd Place: Mike & Nora – Strawberry Cough (HFS-3)

Homegrow Flower: Indica
1st Place: P.L.C. – Bubble Bath (HFI-3)
2nd Place: Easy Green Genetix – Serroquel (HFI-1)
3rd Place: Mike & Nora – Blue Cheese (HFI-2)

Homegrow Edible: THC
1st Place: Snow Shark Snack Attack – Beef Jerky (HET-2)
2nd Place: Steve Roberge – Chocolate Covered Caramel (HET-1)
3rd Place: Palatial Confections – Maple Creme Puff (HET-4)

Homegrow Edible: CBD
1st Place: Green Mountain Munchies – Evening Honey Lavender CBD Cupcake (HEC-2)
2nd Place: Drink Taunik LLC – Sparkling Green Tea (Beverage) (HEC-3)
3rd Place: Rich & Loamy – Chocolate Bar (HEC-1)